Wednesday, September 14, 2005






延伸閱讀(我承認,以下選擇十分個人化 - 本人真的不Pro-迪士尼):
Over the Rainbow:迪士尼永遠嘉年華?
Over the Rainbow:迪士尼細過維園


無塵工作室 said...

If you have read the proposals, Hong Kong government actually holds 53% stake in the joint venture, therefore Disney becomes the minority shareholder, this means that HK government will actually get more profits than Disney from Disneyland HK - and I assure you, Disneyland HK will be as successful as the other ones.

Even though the Shanghai Disneyland will be built in 5 - 10 years' time, don't forget that throughout history Southern Chinese are richer than Northern Chinese, and for those people who chooses to come to HK, they don't only come for the smallest Disneyland in the world. HK has many other things that's unmatchable inside the Mainland, and they won't only spend money in Disneyland but all over HK.

Tell you what though, the biggest losers out of this are the taxpayers, because they don't share the profit directly.

Regina said...

you are right, but in this post I need to point out, Disneyland can't raise the economy's growth rate in a long term basis. eapecially to those who believed in the "迪士尼效應" and invested so much money.

and it is so annoying that Hong Kong 忽視發展已有優點.