Wednesday, April 20, 2005


最近看到了這篇文章: Why Don't we pay attention anymore?



很久沒有靜下來看一本書。家中有大量買了沒看的書,但硬是定不下心來,要看文字的話總是寧願選擇一些輕鬆雜誌; 不能缺乏"語音"剌激 - 雖然已戒絕了看電視,但平常一定要有一些"人聲"陪着,總是開着收音機或聽電台Archive,而且選擇的一定是清談節目。已很少聽CD..... ;喜歡的日劇及電影傾向選擇喜劇,嚴重起來連看喜劇時遇見稍微沉重的情節時都Fast Forward!
- "you become increasingly distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless and, over the long term, underachieving."

患上"上網依存症"即使不知要看什麼都堅持不Log off 找其他事做!
- "the person who stays up late at night because he can't log off the Internet."

-"when they know they're smarter than their output shows; when they start answering questions in ways that are more superficial, more hurried than they usually would."

總之,我不能静下心來,依頼外來動力來剌激思维,結果越來越懶,越來越退步。 -"You don't get the fulfillment that comes from creative activity. You live at a much more surface level. "


不不不,水能覆舟亦能載舟,況且我從小就擅於自得其樂,不會因"沒外來刺激"而慌張,也喜歡思考各種問題,偶然享受一下"發呆"的樂趣 - 現在好像遂漸失去這些能力!

- "How you allocate your time and your attention is crucial. "




工作中的思考不算,無論有多忙,該篇文章以證卷界為例子: "You can have a whole stock brokerage. Everybody's running around, looking at their Bloomberg, looking at the latest quotes, answering everything. They're pouncing on every bit of stimulation as if it's going to make a big difference. And they have no strategy, or their strategy changes every day.

They're all running around, working their tails off. But they're really at the whim of the market. They think they're working hard, and they think they're being productive, but they're not. They're busy, but they're not thoughtful."


"We need to take charge of it. Right now, it's taking charge of us. We need to preserve time to stop and think."

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